Purchase Agreement

Purchase Agreement

Seller's Name: __________________________________

Address: ______________________________________


Phone: _______________________________________

E-Mail: ________________________________________

Buyer's Name: __________________________________

Address: ______________________________________


Phone: ________________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________

Date of Sale:____________________ Purchase Price: _________________ Tatto/Chip #: ____________________
Name of Dog: ___________________
Date of Birth: ___________________ Sex: ________________
Litter registration #: ______________________ Registration #: ______________________________
Sire: ___________________________________________ Registration #: ______________________________
Dam:: ___________________________________________ Registration #: ______________________________

Conditions of Contract

The Buyer shall:

  1. Have this dog examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase
  2. Provide veterinary care on an ongoing basis including vaccinations
  3. Keep this dog as a family pet, and provide a fenced yard for his/her safety
  4. Complete a puppy training course that begins before the puppy is 18 weeks of age
  5. Notify the breeder of any health problems, physical abnormalities and/or death of this dog.
  6. Not use this dog for breeding. it should be neutered by one year of age. A non-breeding agreement will be registered with the CKC for this dog.
  7. Notify the breeder if this dog is to be sold or otherwise disposed of. The breeder reserves the right of first refusal.

The seller shall:

  1. Breed only dogs of sound temperament and excellent health that conform to the breed standard. Certify all breeding stock free of hip dysplasia, heart defects, patellar defects and eye defects.
  2. Provide an accurate pedigree.
  3. Provide instructions regarding feeding, grooming, and training.
  4. Sell only dogs in good health and condition as certified by veterinary examination.
  5. Guarantee this dog to be free of disabling hereditary defects to 24 months of age. If such condition is found the breeder is to be notified immediately. If a second veterinarian of the breeder's choice verifies the condition, the breeder will refund the purchase price of said dog.

Seller: _____________________________________ Buyer: ________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________ Date: _________________________________________